• Underwater Boat Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Boat Mooring Installation & Maintenance
  • Recovery of Lost Objects
Scheduling Dive Service

To find out more or to schedule a non-time critical dive service please email us at [email protected]

For immediate diving assistance call or text us directly  at 443.439.9307.

IMPORTANT! – If your situation is life threatening or could potentially result in damage to your vessel, please contact 911, The US Coast Guard (VHF 16) or a commercial tow and salvage company.  TowBoat US Service Locator


Whether a racing yacht, fishing boat or world cruiser, a clean bottom is a fast bottom.

Our divers use the right techniques and tools to clean your boat’s bottom and running gear while preserving your paint and coatings. Starting at $4 per foot for sailboats and $4.25 per foot for power vessels, our full bottom cleanings include the boot stripe and waterline, entire submerged hull, props, shafts, trim tabs and thru-hull fittings.

We also perform underwater maintenance like zinc replacement & prop removal/replacement. 


Mathias Marine is a factory installer of Helix Anchors as part of our engineered boat mooring systems. We will work with you to find the right spot and to design a mooring that will serve you for years to come. For more details check out our Mooring Page.


Did you drop your keys while docking or snag your anchor on your favorite fishing structure? We have a high percentage of successful recoveries when given a good starting point. We’ve found lost watches, wallets, wedding rings, prescription glasses and even scientific equipment.

Here are a few tips for the recovery of lost objects.

  • Immediately note where your object fell in relation to a dock or piling. The more specific your location is, the better our chances are of finding it.
  • Determine water current direction and velocity.
  • Please don’t attempt to scoop the lost item with a dip net or boat pole. You could move or bury your lost item making it more difficult for us to find.